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Heal Natural with Tailored Herbal Remedies

We identify the underlying root cause of what ails you're health and dispenses quality, personalised medicinal remedies, to move you to equilibrium.

Naturopathy and natural alternative to healthcare

Health consults available

In the UK "Medical" Herbalists are
trained in the medical model. This clinical knowledge is vital to ensure the diagnostic processes is fully evaluated
Note: Herbal Medicine is not Homeopathy.
We have the underlying critical thinking skills to think outside the box. Where you may have hit a dead end, we can help.

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  • We provide guidance

    Guidance and support

    We listen, then discuss, formulate a plan.

    Acute and chronic health conditions: Mood, energy levels, skin, and complex health concerns are supported for men, women and children

    Careful consideration is taken, whilst you are on other medications. We will account for any contraindications (clashes) and carefully create your herbal prescription

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Herbal medicine, natural herbs for health problems by a qualified herbalist