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  • Herbal medicine, natural herbs for health problems by a qualified herbalist
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Appointment Booking

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90 minutes for a new health Consultation, (New client)

30 minutes for a follow up (existing clients

Consultation are online or via zoom. Face to Face for existing clients only


Remember herbal medicines are not a cure all, it requires a little patience and we can help you with that journey. We will discuss your health concern, whilst identifying the best course of treatment.

All questions can be answered as you will be receiving expert advice. It is a collaborative process, to achieve success

  Medical Herbalist Consultations

Health conditions, such as Menopausal complaints, Chronic fatigue, Crohns, Eczema, Libido for men and women, Constipation, Immune system strengthening, Mood, Dysbiosis on many levels, even Tinnitus and so many more.

All are connected and we can find a solution, holistically!